5 Nepali Women who are the Source of Inspiration to Everyone

There is a saying, “Behind every successful man, there is a woman“.  But, we have not heard of the vice-versa. In a Nepalese Society, there is not much of a freedom to female to live their own life as planned. Besides that, there are some women who are called successful women i.e.have achieved what they have dreamed of and now are a motivation to everyone.

Have a look at them once:


  1. Gyani Shova Tuladhar


Founder & Principal of Namuna College of Fashion Technology, Gyani Shova Tuladhar is considered as the pioneer of Fashion in our country.  She is the one who had established the 1st Fashion College in Nepal. She is not only renowned within the country but also internationally. Tuladhar is the source of inspiration to a lot of females who are willing to do something of their own.


  1. Sapana Pradhan Malla

Supreme Court Judge and  former member of the Constituent Assembly, Sapana Pradhan Malla was born on 15th November 1963 in Nawalparasi. She is continuously working to ensure the rights of women & had won enormous awards.


  1. Anuradha Koirala

Anuradha Koirala has dedicated her life for helping victims of sex trafficking as a founder and director of Maiti Nepal. Known for winning  the CNN Hero of the Year award in 2010 and had also received the Mother Teresa Awards in 2014.  Recently, she has been appointed as 1st Women Governor of Province No. 3 .


  1. Ambika Shrestha

President of Dwarika’s Hotels and Resorts, Ambika Shrestha is the one who has raised her small hotel into one of the reputed, high end heritage hotel after the death of her husband. A well known Nepali Entrepreneur as well as honorary consulate General of Spain for Nepal. She is even the head of Nepalese Heritage Society and Business and Professional Women Nepal, which works for the preserving the cultural heritage of Nepal and for uplifting underprivileged women.


  1. Laxmi Sharma

From Nepal’s first woman tempo driver to the pioneer in bone and wood craft, Laxmi Sharma has many ups and downs in her life but she never give up. And, now she is where everyone wants to be. Her life has been a source of inspiration to a lot of female out there who are willing to start their own career but are able to start the first step. She is considered as the Button Lady and one of the successful Female Entrepreneur of Nepal.

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