Basic Customer Service Foundation

Customer service plays an important role in business success and growth. Everyone in your business benefits from the happier customers. So create and provide the excellent customer service for an individual. Your business exists because of your customers. Delivering the customer expectation is essential for your business success.

In order to provide excellent customer services, make a strategy how you, your team and your organization help to provide outstanding customer services. Some of the strategy which I have figured out to provide the excellent customer service are listed below:

Deliver more than expectation

Once you make a promise, your customer always expect to be. Work extra to deliver more than you promise. your customers will be more satisfied with your product and services.

View thing from a customer perspective

A good exercise to customer service is that analyze yourself as a customer.

Take ownership

Delivering world class service is not a series of techniques, but it is a culture and way of life within an organization. It requires each employee to take ownership of the customer experience by engaging their minds and hearts into creating a memorable and positive moment.

Why does no one ever change the oil in a rental car? Because they don’t own the rental car. They don’t feel the need to ensure it keeps on running long after they have turned it back in. Owning something requires taking stock of what you believe and doing your very best to never let it fade, go bad, be ruined. This can apply to products, services, image, goodwill, and reputation.

Follow up

When you follow up with customers and ask them about their experiences or you reach out to them for positive and negative reviews, you are telling the customer you care about them. This genuine interest in them will bring them back because it’s rare to find a company that shows this level of interest.

Focus on the solution, not the problem

We can categorize problems as the one which is under our control to solve and another one is which we cannot solve or beyond our control to solve. Try to solve the problem that can be solved or of which we have a solution and do not worry about the one to which we cannot do anything. Tell the customers about the problem and convince them that you are doing your best to solve the problem.

Educate your customers

Customer education is providing the relevant information regarding product or service at the hand.


Feedback is the way to figure out the customer experience i.e. satisfied or unsatisfied with your product or services. It helps to improve your product or services, measure customer satisfaction, to make a business decision, improve customer retention.

Providing excellent customer services does take a little more time and energy, but the payoff is huge. Satisfied customers are more likely to pay more, wait longer and won’t forget your company. So take a look at what your customer service and make sure it is something that you are proud of yourself.

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