“AI is the future.”
This was demonstrated by Duplex in Google I/O 2018. Google Duplex is a step forward in technology that uses AI to communicate with other system assistance and perform some task. It is supposed to be included in new version of Android i.e Android P. It can do things like reservation, appointment, text, call and almost anything you want to do. All you need to do is just order it to do unlike any other human beings.
Suppose you have to make a dentist appointment tomorrow around 8 am then all you need to do is ask google about it. It will search for dentist near your area and call one. Then it will do all the necessary conversation and book for an appointment in suitable date and notify you. Isn’t is so cool.



How does it work?

According to Google, it works on recurrent neural network which is built using Google’s TensorFlow technology. Google trained the network on all those automatic voicemails and Google Voice conversations you agreed to let it listen to if you opted in with a mix of speech recognition software and the ability to consider the history of the conversation and details like the time of day and location of both parties. There is an entire network of supercomputers that continuously send and receive data from cloud and talking with you or any other automated system.


Well! This is the thing where no one has any idea. Google itself doesn’t know when will this technology will be available to common mobile users. Till now it is a concept which needs a lot of great minds and even more hard work to built a technology that can answer to your questions logically, remember past conversations and communicate continuously. Let’s hope to experience the technology really soon..

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