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How many of own a website for personal or business purpose ??

And do you know which type of hosting you are using for your website ??

Here are a few things you must know about the hosting plan if you own a website or thinking of having one.


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Shared Hosting Vs VPS Hosting


Shared Hosting for your website is like you are sharing a room with other people. You are not independent of your own and you are restricted to resources. You choose it because it is affordable and cheap. Website owners prefer shared hosting because it is cheap and easy to manage. But the main problem with shared hosting is if one of the website in your shared hosting is attacked other website will most probably suffer.


VPS Hosting is what you should choose if you are concerned about the security. It is like living in an apartment. Other people are also living in the building but in their respective apartments. Even in VPS Hosting, many users use the same server but are not related to each other. Every user is independent of another and can use their resources freely. It is a bit expensive then Shared Hosting but if you are really concerned about the speed and security then it is the best.


If you are in a dilemma which hosting to choose or if you are in need to upgrade your hosting from Shared to VPS then, here are few tips for you :

  1. When you are in need of more hosting space and more resources.
  2. If you are very much concerned about the Security of your website.
  3. When you are in need to install a custom / special Operating System(OS).
  4. When you need full control to server.


Which Hosting do you think is best for your website i.e., VPS Hosting or Shared Hosting ??

If you are thinking of choosing VPS Hosting for your website and don’t know whom to contact for that.

Then, for the best VPS Hosting in town always remember Technozlife Cloud.

technozlife cloud

Technozlife cloud are specialized in providing reliable and easy-to-use web hosting services and domains at reasonable prices. They have built a full-featured Control Panel called Hepsia, which is available for free with all hosting packages and which is loaded with charge-free tools that can help you publish your new website online in no time.

Their customer support service is backed up by a one-hour response time guarantee – irrespective of what the problem is. And they are available 24/7/365.


Different  VPS Web Hosting according to your requirements are :

  1. OpenVZ VPS Web Hosting

Our OpenVZ virtual private servers feature immense CPU usage and memory allowances, as well as a 99.9% uptime guarantee. A 24/7/365 customer service is offered too.


openVZ VPS Hosting Techhnzlife CLoud

openVZ VPS Hosting Techhnzlife CLoud

  1. KVM VPS Web Hosting

KVM VPS Hosting technozlife cloud

  1. VPS Hosting in US

We ensure the unproblematic performance of your US-oriented web sites. The US datacenter facility we work with is situated in downtown Chicago, IL, and offers ideal conditions for hosting web sites whose visitors are physically located in the States, Canada or Latin America.

OpenVZ VPS Hosting in US Technozlife cloud


KVM VPS Hosting in US Technozlife Cloud

  1. VPS Hosting in UK

The UK datacenter option is available with all OpenVZ Virtual Private Server hosting plans. A free-of-cost hosting CP is included.

OpenVZ VPS Hosting in UK Technozlife Cloud


  1. VPS Web Hosting in Australia

From the datacenter facility located in Sydney we give up our best to set up your VPS server quickly. It will be equipped with the OS of your choosing. An admin dashboard, a variety of free-of-charge reseller web hosting tools and a free-of-charge web hosting CP are included too.

OpenVZ VPS Hosting in Australia Technozlife Cloud



If you are thinking of choosing a hosting plan for your website, choose the best one i.e. Technozlife Cloud.

To know more about Technozlife Cloud :









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